How to Make Chicken Nanban, Japanese Fried Chicken Recipes

Chicken Nanban is Delicious food recipes from japan and exactly came from Kyushu Island, however Kyushu Island is main Island at japan. Chicken Nanban like fried Chiken but we can get sauce.
Usually Chicken Nanban be served using soy sauce or vinegar. Vinegar can be increasing taste and can be cleaned from bacteria. Lets go to make this food at home

Simple Chicken Mozaru Recipes, Japanese Food

Make a dishes using rice sometimes bother easy,  of course,  you should  havea v creativity in presenting it, not only the tasty but its also will be liked by many people. If you ever tasted mozaru, its  available at Restaurant and its have been made all culinary person love it so much, the tasty is so crispy, We believe you beloved family will be love this food, especially if you make it by your self using this guidance
Mozaru have been made by a Japanese and Western to produce a delicious taste
Make mozaru time at home is very easy, the substance itself is not difficult. Its only need around 10 minutes to make a delicious mozaru using this simple recipe. The following recipe mozaru for one serving:
Chicken katsu Ingredients :

How to Make Dorayaki Banana Milk

Dorayaki cakes not only in the Doraemon’s movie. In the real world this cake is also very popular. 
Dorayaki Banana Milk Recipe Ingredients:

     4 eggs
     50 grams sugar
     50 grams of milk banana syrup
     1/4 teaspoon salt
     250 grams of cake flour
     1 teaspoon baking powder
     150 ml water

Recipe of dorayaki Banana Milk Contents inggredients:  

Cooking Takoyaki, Japanese Snack from Kansai Region

Takoyaki is one Delicious snacks from the Kansai region, Japan. Takoyaki shape of a small round resembles a ping-pong ball. In Japan, takoyaki is made from wheat flour dough and filled with chunks of octopus inside.
Takoyaki Snacks has grown recently, but not all knows  about takoyaki. Its a unique name  and its a delicious snacks . this meal  become a trend among young people.
For lovers of Japanese cuisine may already be familiar with takoyaki which has many variants contents. Remarkably Takoyaki can be filled according to our tastes. , somet of takoyaki  contentained  with chicken, calamari, cheese, sausages, etc. The takoyaki Content  is depend on individual taste.
Our interest in Japanese cuisine, made us curious to make your own and feel pleasures. This time we want to share Simple Recipes takoyaki, so that everyone can try by  yourself at home.

How to Make Gyuniku Tofu Shichimiyaki

Making a  delicious cuisine is like a painting. This also seemed to be a challenge when we enter into a variety of dishes made condiments. At this time we  want to share a collection of Japanese cuisine recipes that can added to  your collection. Here is a recipe to Make Tofu Shichimiyaki Gyuniku And you might want to cook for a family member at home
To make make this dish will required a precision in compounding process marinade. In order to make  the result more  tasty and delicious. Dont worry to make the dish as we  completed it for you. You can try simply at home because its contained ingredients that you can find  around yoy, such as tofu, beef ribs, scallions,m sake, soyu, etc.

Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup Recipe

Ramen noodles are Japanese noodle soup that originated originally came from China. Steamed noodle  outcome from  handmade or machine,  throwned  into a bowl of soup made from various types of broth (generally on the basis of pork broth).
On top of ramen noodles are generally added many flavorings  such as: chasiu, Menma, boiled eggs, green vegetables sliced scallions, nori, or narutomaki as a garnish. Poached eggs on brown ramen noodles usually being boiled in broth steamed  former chasiu.
Vegetables  and sliced scallions are the  most common seasoning for ramen noodles . Before  added to the ramen noodles,  fried the chopped onions first using  cooking oil.

Shrimp Nori Japanese Recipe

At this time, we want to inform you about nori shrimp recipes.  This recipe Maybe  can assist you in finding a reference materials for later cooking.  this time we will provide you a delicious cuisine, which is will be more great when it is created.  Shrimp Nori Japanese cuisine is suitable for those who like a challenge to cook innovative dishes
Materials needed to make a dish that is not too difficult to find. If you can follow the steps in the process of making sure it will feel easy when you make

How to make Kucai vegetables

There are so many various of kucai vegetable. First, you should know kucai review as below :
Chives or garlic chives and chives leaves, known as leaf vegetables. Chives rarely used in Indonesian cuisine menu. Chives name comes from Southern Min, "KU-chhài". Its used in  common in Chinese cuisine, such as chicken porridge. On the  China and Japan culinary culture, is a mixture of chives and  Jiaozi (gyoza). Flat leaved chives and white flowers.
Chives differ with Chive , A. schoenoprasum L (chives), which leaves the cylinder (roundworm) and hollow. chives flavour were closer to garlic, so that in English is called garlic-chives and in German is called Knoblauch-Schnittlauch.

Japanese meat rolls with Vegetables Content and Mushroom Sauce

You only need 30 minutes to make this  special recipe, now are you ready to try How to Make Beef Roll Japan Contents Vegetables With Mushroom Sauce recipe.
Ingredients :
1. 6 steak cow
2. 12 stalks asparagus
3. 12 leeks

How to Make Goya Okinawa Champuru

Goya Okinawa champuru is  a kind of  cuisine that is served in a summer in Japan. there are many variants of Goya champuru it self , some people  add bean sprouts or carrots, and sometimes add miso  for seasoning it. Goya in Japanese means pare, whichn it  first went into Okinawa from Southeast Asia and then immediately became the favorite vegetable.
 This dish is sauteed with tofu, eggs, pork, or and pare. How to make goya champuru not difficult
Her taste is very simple but the tasty making these dishes to be delicious and addicted, Let's cook!