Tai-chazuke Salmon Ingrediets and Simple Cook

Tai-chazuke (chazuke snapper)
1. 120 grams of fresh snapper fish meat that had been skinned and taken the bones, the kind that can be eaten raw sashimi style
2. 2 leeks
3. 300 grams of rice
Seasoned fish marinade
1. 2 tablespoons white sesame seeds
2. 2 tablespoons soy sauce
3. Pinch of sugar
Kombu Broth
1. 5 gram kombu seaweed sheets
2. 2 cups water
3. A little salt (Or 2 cups of green tea)

Easy Cooking Namasu and Kikka Kabu

Namasu and Kikka-Kabu is a diet menu that become a favourite in the New Year dish. Made with thin sliced turnips and carrots and then pickled in sweet vinegar . Other menus made from horseradish turnip. We will make this turnip rapeseed into shaped like a chrysanthemum.
Ingredients (for 4 servings)
1. Namasu (salad of pickled radish and carrots)
2. 300 g radish
3. 40 g carrots
4. (For a sweet vinegar)
5. 1/2 cup vinegar, preferably using rice vinegar
6. 2 1/2 tablespoons sugar
7. 1/4 teaspoon salt
8. 1 tablespoon water
9. Kikka-Kabu (Pickled radish turnip shaped like chrysanthemum)
10. 2 small turnips turnip
11. 1 dried red chili
Prepare the sweet vinegar together with Namasu menu as above

Try making Horenso No Shira Ee, Japanish Style Food

Horenso no shira ae is traditionally japanish food recipes, using vegetables for basig material (ingredients). Horenso no shira ae very exactly for diabet or vegan because this food is very low carbo and high protein, vitamins, fiber and iron
Ingredients (for 4 servings)
1. 150gr spinach
2. 150 gr tofu
3. 2 teaspoons white sesame seeds
4. 1 tablespoon sugar
5. Japanese soy sauce or shoyu
6. Salt

Japanese Banana Cake

What is  Japanese banana cake? lately  mostly country  are shown a unique creations latest of a cake  more known as the banana japanese  cake , not  chil, but  teenagers to the elderly like  this cake, it tastes good and delicious, this cake are  lately grown  rapidly and quickly to spread throughout the world.
And here are the recipe of japanese banana cake, its not difficult to make it at home, and no need long time to realized it. You just follow this recipe using any ingredients that you can simply found in the market

How to Make simple Kabocha Purin

Kabocha Purin is Japanish food with vegetables for basic ingredients, we ussualy talk this is a Pudding. Original taste of Kabocha Purin is sweet, you can try simple to making it
Ingredients (for 4 servings)
1. 120gr pumpkin (including seeds and skin)
2. 2 eggs
3. 150 ml of milk
4. 6 tablespoons sugar

Dango a Easy Japanese Snack

Dango is one of the most popular snacks in Japan. You can easily find it in the streets of the country. However, you can also create these delicious snacks at home, following are recipes of dango you can try at home. Dango is one of delicious meal from japan that you can easily try at home.
Dango ingredients also easy found at traditional market. Dango usually eat at afternoon time or morning time.  Its also can found at many japanese restaurant, with many various type, some people mostly like original dango but others are mostly like variated recipes.

Imo Kintsuba Japanish Food

kintsuba yaki is a Japanese pastry class wagashi form of red bean paste wrapped with flour. Dough wrapper red bean paste was made from flour diluted  water and then pressed  into thin sheets. These cakes are usually circular, and its surface is baked on the plate (griddle) which has been spread with oil before
This cake is named kintsubayaki because of its shapeis  like kintsubayaki tsuba (hand protectors) on the handle of the katana from the Edo period.
Kintsuba rigid rectangular called kintsuba  was created in the Meiji era. Red bean paste thickened in to  harden, then cut into square pieces. Pieces of red peanut butter and then dipped in batter made from flour mixed with water. Square Kintsuba also matured in a way roasted on a griddle.

Kakiage Carrots, Japanese Food for Tourist

You are a fan of Japanese cuisine ? Surely already know one of the recipes called Kakiage? For those of you who do not know this type of cuisine, Kakiage  is a a typical of one much favored by foreign tourists and the Japanese people themselves.
This complete cuisine is not only bad you know, but also practical in terms of presentation. This dish consists of rice, vegetables and fried so crisp and the taste is savory when watered shoyu sauce.

Shchi Recipe, Russian Cabbage Soup

It is surprisingly easy on the pocketbook, easily modified base on what components are available, always keeps properly, and has plentiful minerals and vitamins in each serving. Shchi, a warm Russian cabbage soup, serves up melting beef and veggies.
It can be made with meat or vegan. When the soup is made with cabbage, it is called sour shchi or kislye shchi, when it is made with sorrel, kale and other veggies; it is called green shchi or zelyoniye shchi. This soup likes to bubble and sit on your cooktop for half a day, making it the best-nourishing dish when winter arrives. It is very soft and plentiful.

Youtiao Chinese Crullers Recipe

Youtiao, Chinese Cruller or Chinese doughnut are couple long bread sticks attached side by side formed of flour deep fried in veggie oil, an incredibly popular brunch meal in China where commonly served with soy bean milk (Dou Jiang).
Youtiao is among the most well-known breakfasts among Chinese neighborhoods in Asia. Slice it into mini pieces or simply consume it as it is, this simple breadstick is among the most widely-consumed and flexible Chinese food. You might at the same time be curious in the true tale of how the bread stick got its moniker as "You Tiao".