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Cakalang Fufu Recipe (Manadonese Style Smoked Tuna)

It has a strong smoky taste, thanks to being prepared over burning coconut husks. Cakalang fufu item can be discovered throughout significant city in Indonesia. Cakalang fufu is a cured and smoked skipjack tuna clipped on a bamboo frame, a Minahasan special of North Sulawesi, Indonesia.
In North Sulawesi, cakalang fufu is a popular meal and typically purchased by visitors as presents.

It is well understood throughout Eastern Indonesia, the primary production center more specifically is the fishing town of Bitung, North Sulawesi. Cakalang fufu can be warmed or fried and straight eaten with steamed rice accompanied with dabu-dabu (Minahasan sambal), or end up being the component of other meals, such as blended with potato salad, sprinkled upon noodles, or prepared as spicy rica-rica with chili pepper.

Ingredients :
500 gram Smoked Tuna Fish - Cut into piece
2 kafir lemon leaves
1 cup coconut milk
1 huge shallot - very finely sliced
2 lemon turf - squashed the white part
white basil leaves
2 green onion - very finely sliced
Put into a blender/food processor or grind it:
5-8 cloves garlic
2 cm ginger root
5-10 Thai Chili (according to your choice).
salt & pepper
5 -7 cloves candle light nuts

Direction :
1. Stir fry shallot till it scent.
2. Bring in minced/smooth spices, stir till the color altered.
3. Include lemon turf as well as Kafir lemon leaves
4. Stir the smoked fish into the sauteed flavoring, blend it well.
5. Pour the coconut milk into the fish-mixtures, remain to prepare it up until the liquid decreased. Prior to the liquid decreased, include green onion and White Basil leaves.
6. Enjoy it with hot steam white rice.

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