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How to Make Pecel Lele (Catfish) Traditional Tasty Food from Central Java

Pecel Lele is processed foods from catfish. You can buy Pecel Lele quickly on Indonesia. This  food itself is comprised of dried out deep-fried catfish served with sambal and pecak, tomato paste or sauce. Lele Pecel less costly than vibrant, the food ends up this is rather popular amongst individuals, especially the island of Java, do not care amongst main, secondary, or above.
Pecel Lele likewise prefers eggplant sambal served along with penyet. Food is an alternative option of chicken meals, such as deep-fried chicken. Pecel Lele itself has a range of various nicknames in every - every province in the island of Java.
The unclean, pecel called pecek lele lele, however in Malang district frequently called lalapan lele. Catering, cooking fish this one is precisely the exact same with the discussion of cooking other fish, that unique sauce aromatic with tasty shrimp, accompanied lalapan veggies cabbage, basil, cucumber, and long beans.

4 catfishes
Cooking Oil
1 tablespoon coriander
1 clove garlic
2 cm turmeric
½ tablespoon salt
2 tomatoes (cut 4 pieces)
1 cucumber (sliced oblique)
6 basil leaf
5 big red peppers fruits (fried)
10 pieces of cayenne pepper (fried)
2 tomatoes (fried)
4 cloves garlic (fried)
2 spring onions (fried)
4 pieces of hazelnut (fried)
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp salt

Basil leaves

1. Clean the catfish then take the entrails and gills and clean it.
2. Stir catfish with a subtle taste. Let mean 1/2 hour to enable the tastes soaked up.
3. Heat the food preparation oil in a frying pan, cook catfish, fry over medium heat up until a little dry and prepared, and eliminate.
4. Mix all sauce components in a mortar, then crushed.
5. Pecel Lele acts as a side meal of white rice or with complementary coffee chili paste and veggies.

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