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Kerak Telor Traditional Indonesian Recipe

Indonesia has a rich culinary tradition where every area provides its own traditional food. Kerak telor is a Betawi traitional spicy omelette meal in Indonesian food.
The seller of kerak telor quickly to discover because throughout Jakarta Fair Festival. The visitor who go to in Jakarta Fair must to be it.
It's very simple to make Kerak Telor as you just require a little pan to prepare (as Kerak Telor is constantly acted as a single portion), and you do not require oil to prepare it. Right here is the dish to make Kerak Telor, which is very simple to make and has components that are simple to get.
In the streets of Jakarta, it costs around Rp13.000 for a chicken egg Kerak Telor, and Rp15.000 for a duck egg variation. The Betawi, as the locals of Jakarta are called, have lots of popular foods such as the Ketoprak, Gado-Gado, Kerak Telor, Soto Betawi, Nasi Uduk, Nasi Ulam, and much more.
100 gr ketan rice clean and deep in the water for 2 hours
5 duck egg
5 tablespoon of ebi powder
5 tablespoon of salt
5 tablespoon fried onion
5 tablespoon of serundeng
2,5 tablespoon of sugar
5 pieces chili
2,5 teaspoon of pepper powder

1. Warm the fry pan up until it hot.
2. Put in the ketan rice with the water, prepare it for 3 minutes and close it.
3. Put in the egg, and serundeng, chili, pepper powder, ebi, salt, and sugar stir.
4. Spread it on the corner of the pan, close it.
5. Put in back it and served.

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