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After enjoying true Southern BBQ, we are performing a task to perfect the art of low and slow
At Smoked BBQ Source, you’ll find lots of tips, tricks, reviews and resources to learn how to smoke meat in your own backyard.
If it involves low and slow BBQ and cooked with charcoal, we will cover it. We share everything on our way from an amateur journey to a pitmaster.

Introduce smoked bbq source profile

After the first real Southern BBQ experience, we decided we had to learn how to cook like that in our own backyard. With a reliable webber kettle and a bag of charcoal, we start cooking bacon, ribs and succulent pork.
After the first talk, we realized that we obviously didn’t know what we were doing and started to learn everything about traditional barbecue. Hundreds of Google searches then we scratched our heads.
Should we cook with lumps or briquettes? What makes a smoker start great? Why is the temperature of my beard hell not moving for 3 hours and what is the Texas crutch I still hear?
We study more difficult and contradictory advice than we read. Although there are some great resources, forums and books available, put them all together and know what advice to trust and what to ignore has made us sleepless.

Create the best resource for BBQ tips

In the struggle to find the best bbq advice, we have decided to create the exact resource that we want we can find when we start.
We never won a BBQ contest between us, so what made us think we were eligible to write about BBQ? It is very simple. We are dedicated to gathering the best tips, techniques and reviews from across the web.
Unlike many other Viking experts, out there, they’re hunting for BBQ gloves or cooking courses, we’re completely independent and unbiased.
From time to time we may link to the products we have studied and proposed. If you agree with our opinion and decide to purchase it through the link on our website, we may earn a small commission to help us cover the site’s cost. . us (this tool is very cheap because thank you for supporting the site).
We wish you nothing but success and hope your future is full of delicious bacon!
The team at Smoked BBQ Source (and our BBQ guard dog Jed).
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